Paramount Commerce joins Fintechs Canada

Fintechs Canada, the unified voice for Canadian fintech, is pleased to announce that Paramount Commerce has joined the association as a new member.

“We’re excited to have Paramount Commerce on board,” said Alex Vronces, executive director of Fintechs Canada. “With twenty years in the payments industry, Paramount has a history of solid partnerships with financial institutions and payment networks to simplify the movement of money for their customers. “

Fintechs Canada is a public policy advocacy organization whose focus is making Canada’s financial sector more competitive and innovative, as well as more stable and secure. The association has become a go-to source for industry perspectives on the modernization of financial sector policy. 

 We’ve been working with the government to implement a retail payments oversight framework, put Canadians in control of their financial data with “open banking,” build Canada’s new real-time payment system, expand access to payment systems, reduce transaction fees for merchants, reform competition laws,  and review the financial sector legislative framework to manage the risks posed by crypto and stablecoins. 

“Our mission to simplify payments aligns closely with Fintechs Canada’s goal to enable choice for Canadians by opening markets for financial technology companies,” says Dave Roe, COO at Paramount Commerce. “Together we will break down barriers to encourage competition, ensure access to the Real-Time Rail, and further the implementation of open banking in Canada. We also look forward to bringing market-first solutions to our merchants and consumers.”

Fintechs Canada looks forward to working with Paramount Commerce and other members to drive positive change in Canada’s financial sector.

About Paramount Commerce

Paramount Commerce provides industry-leading bank account-based payment solutions and AI risk management in a single solution. Since cornering the iGaming and sports betting market in Canada, we’ve expanded to provide real-world value to international remittance merchants, digital wallets, eCommerce companies, and more. 

About Fintechs Canada

Established in May 2019 as a not-for-profit member association and recently renamed to Fintechs Canada, the association serves as the collective voice for fintechs in Canada. Our membership includes market-leading Canadian fintechs, fintech-friendly financial institutions, the technology companies powering Canada’s credit union sector, and global fintech companies, among others.

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