Member Benefits


Fintechs Canada membership is open to all organizations that operate in Canada, are considered a stakeholder in the fintech ecosystem, and share our mission to enable greater choice for Canadians. You will have the opportunity to lend your voice to create impactful and sustainable improvements in the ecosystem. There are now more than 1,000⁠ fintech firms in Canada. Together, we can drive change.

Member benefits

Challenge roadblocks facing fintech firms and drive change that will help you serve your customers and grow your business.

Amplify your voice

Your perspective on a range of issues affecting fintechs will be sought for government submissions, stakeholder education and industry debates. Your view on regulatory and non-regulatory reforms will be shared through Fintechs Canada to the right decision-making bodies in Ottawa. As a member, we can collectively influence policy that will positively impact your business.

Stay informed

You will receive industry updates and be notified of emerging industry developments. With line of sight into upcoming changes to legislation, policies and regulations, your business can proactively adapt before changes are implemented. You will also be invited to member events, which promote continuous education around the issues impacting fintechs in Canada.

Drive change

Your active participation can create a positive change in the fintech ecosystem, which will provide your business with unparalleled opportunities. By supporting our policy objectives, your business will be better positioned to compete in the Canadian marketplace.

Navigate complexity

You will get exclusive access to political and regulatory intelligence, as well as primary, independent research conducted or commissioned by Fintechs Canada. You will also gain access to deep policy experts and advocates who can help you navigate the maze of government regulation and the complexities of the fintech sector to affect positive change.

Member requirements

Operate in Canada

Rely on technology

Share our mission

Support our goals

Membership fees

Annual revenues

Annual membership fees

Less than $500K


Between $500K and $1M


Between $1M and $5M


Between $5M and $10M


Between $10M and $15M


Exceeding $15M


Allocation of dues

Annual membership dues are the primary source of revenue for the organization, which supports ongoing research, advocacy efforts and office administration. We rely on the support of our members to improve the effectiveness and competitiveness of the fintech sector.


Fintechs Canada members represent a diverse cross-section of businesses across the fintech sector in Canada. Members range from large, established firms to smaller or emerging companies. All members share the commitment to enable greater choice for Canadians.

Member testimonials

“If we are going to make any material progress in support of Open Banking and the Real-time Rail in Canada, the PayTech industry needs a strong advocate that is independent from the incumbent legacy banks. That voice is Fintechs Canada.”

Marcus Dagenais,

“Visa as a payment network is the foundation upon which fintechs innovate, and enables consumers to have access to new payment options that are efficient and secure. Visa’s decades long history and contributions to the payment ecosystem in Canada will add an experienced voice to Fintechs Canada’s efforts in creating pathways for payment innovators to thrive in Canada.”

Chris Ferron,
Head of Fintech,
Visa Canada

“Fintechs Canada is bringing forward an exciting and refreshing perspective to Canada’s payments ecosystem. They are driving positive changes and helping Canada compete on a global scale.”

Alex Liu,
OTT Pay Inc.