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Bringing you closer to the stories shaping finance in Canada.

For years, Canada has been a fintech nation on the rise. Each episode, we sit down with trailblazers and pioneers in fintech – from inspirational startups disrupting the status quo to established giants paving new paths. Our guests don’t just share their stories; they dive into their strategies, challenges, and their visions for the Canadian financial landscape.

Our host this season

Sue Britton

CEO of Firefly Growth

The first season of the podcast is being hosted by Sue Britton, CEO of Firefly Growth. She comes with 30 years of experience in the financial sector and deep expertise of the industry. She is an advisor for Holt Accelerator and has hosted two other fintech podcasts, The Fintech Disrupticons and The Fintech Effect.

Grab your headphones and listen in

May 16, 2024
Season: 2
Episode #2
Why Canada needs to invest in competition with Keldon Bester
May 2, 2024
Season: 2
Episode #1
How a love for Jordans led to a career in fintech with Abraham Tachjian
Mar 28, 2024
Season: 1
Episode #11
David Roe, COO, Paramount Commerce

Why should I spend my time listening to Fintechs, eh?

Get firsthand insights from leading figures in Canadian fintech.
Discover the latest trends and strategies driving the industry.
Hear real stories of challenges, triumphs, and visions for the future.
Stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving financial sector.

Recent guests include:

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