Shakepay joins Fintechs Canada

Fintechs Canada, the unified voice for fintech in Canada, welcomes Shakepay as its newest member. Shakepay lets Canadians access bitcoin in an easy, safe, and commission-free way.

“It’s our pleasure to welcome Shakepay to the community,” said Alex Vronces, executive director of Fintechs Canada. “Shakepay’s expertise and innovation in the cryptocurrency space will bring a unique perspective to the community and help drive positive change in Canada’s financial sector.”

Fintechs Canada is on a mission to promote competition and innovation, as well as stability and security, in the country’s financial sector. The association continues to work with the government to advance open banking and payments modernization, as well as to support the government’s digitalization of money review, which includes cryptocurrency and stablecoins.

“Shakepay is thrilled to become a member of Fintechs Canada and work towards breaking down barriers for financial technology companies like ours to thrive and grow,” said Sophia Cote, Head of Policy and Communications. “As a company that offers Canadians a platform to buy, earn and interact with Bitcoin, we are excited to push for a regulatory regime that positions Canada as a leader when it comes to the future of money.”

As part of the community, Shakepay will be able to collaborate with other industry players to promote responsible competition and innovation and help Canadian consumers access new financial services. By bringing together innovative and forward-thinking companies like Shakepay, Fintechs Canada can continue to play a vital role in driving positive change in Canada’s financial sector.

About Shakepay

Shakepay is a Montreal-based technology company that provides financial applications for building wealth. Canadians from all walks of life — college students to retirees — use Shakepay to connect with the digital economy built on the Internet.

About Fintechs Canada

Established in May 2019 as a not-for-profit member association and recently renamed to Fintechs Canada, the association serves as the collective voice for fintechs in Canada. Our membership includes market-leading Canadian fintechs, fintech-friendly financial institutions, the technology companies powering Canada’s credit union sector, and global fintech companies, among others.

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