Rextie joins Fintechs Canada

Fintechs Canada is pleased to welcome Rextie to the association.

“We’re excited to welcome Rextie not only to the association, but also to Canada,” said Alex Vronces, Executive Director of Fintechs Canada. “ We look forward to helping them grow their business here and to learn from their international success.”

Canada’s reputation as a leader in fintech is growing, but the unique regulatory landscape can make it challenging for established businesses coming from other jurisdictions to succeed. As experts in the regulations that govern fintechs in Canada, we support fintechs looking to expand into this market.

Fintechs Canada continues to grow on its mission to promote responsible innovation, knocking down barriers to entry and managing emerging risks. The association is working with the federal government to deliver its platform commitments on payments modernization, open banking, and the digitalization of money in support of a thriving fintech sector in Canada. 

We at Rextie are always very interested and excited to be a part of improving the local fintech ecosystem. We believe that Fintechs Canada is the best way to do this,” said Rextie Co-Founder and Country Manager, Matias Maciel. “And coming from another country, this association will generate a lot of value for us, in terms of networking, future strategic partnerships and having the chance to share and learn from other member’s experiences in the Canadian fintech landscape.”

About Rextie 

Rextie offers Canadians and Peruvians opportunities to save by exchanging dollars from wherever they are and with an excellent exchange rate. Leveraging modern technology, Rextie allows customers to buy and sell dollars online, quickly and safely.

About Fintechs Canada

Established in May 2019 as a not-for-profit member association and recently renamed to Fintechs Canada, the association serves as the collective voice for fintechs in Canada. Our membership includes market-leading Canadian fintechs, fintech-friendly financial institutions, the technology companies powering Canada’s credit union sector, and global fintech companies, among others.

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