Miq joins Fintechs Canada

Fintechs Canada is excited to welcome Miq has joined the association.

“Miq makes it easier for Canadians to access affordable credit and for cooperatives to pool their capital to invest together, share risk and increase their purchasing power,” said Alex Vronces, Executive Director of Finitechs Canada. “Responsible innovation that gives Canadians a better way to meet their financial goals is core to what we do, and so we’re honoured to have Miq join the cause.” 

Fintechs Canada continues to grow on its mission to promote responsible innovation, knocking down barriers to entry and managing emerging risks. The association is working with the federal government to deliver its platform commitments on payments modernization, open banking, and the digitalization of money.

“As a Canadian start-up, Miq is looking forward to working with this collective of market-leading fintechs towards improving access to payment and  financial services,” said James Muhato, COO of Miq. “Fintechs Canada’s commitment to collaborating with the government on payments modernization and open banking has us excited about what we can do next to help Canadians build community wealth.”

About Miq

Miq is a community financing platform, focused on helping communities of interest to pool funds, access credit, and build credit history. The platform is designed for the 9 million credit-invisible Canadians such as newcomers, to help them with affordable access to credit through a community-centered approach. Miq’s  mission is to build community wealth by enhancing how communities and capital work together through accessible, collaborative, and social tools. 

About Fintechs Canada

Established in May 2019 as a not-for-profit member association and recently renamed to Fintechs Canada, the association serves as the collective voice for fintechs in Canada. Our membership includes market-leading Canadian fintechs, fintech-friendly financial institutions, the technology companies powering Canada’s credit union sector, and global fintech companies, among others.

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