Centerprise joins Fintechs Canada

Fintechs Canada is pleased to welcome Centerprise Information Solutions, Inc. to the association.

“With the implementation of the Retail Payments Activities Act (RPAA) underway, input from experienced leaders who have demonstrated commitment to responsible innovation are integral to the success of a thriving fintech sector in Canada” said Alex Vronces, Executive Director of Fintechs Canada. “With their history, we’re excited to have Centerprise join the cause.”

The unified voice of fintechs in Canada, Fintechs Canada works with the federal government to modernize its financial sector legislative framework. Our priorities include helping the government deliver its platform commitments on payments modernization, open banking, and the digitalization of money in support of a thriving fintech sector in Canada. 

“Centerprise has served the Canadian financial sector since 2008 in the areas of credit union core banking, integration, and technical training. It’s no secret that the fintech sector is moving fast, and only getting faster,” said Mike O’Shaughnessy, Principal Consultant at Centerprise Information Solutions, Inc.

“We partner with Canadian credit unions and their service providers to help them keep up and get ahead in technology implementations. We are a small consulting firm looking to grow our contacts and capabilities in the Canadian fintech world. The association appears to be a perfect fit for us, and we’re excited to get involved!”

About Centerprise Information Solutions, Inc.

Centerprise Information Solutions, Inc. was founded in January 2008 to make state-of-the-art information solutions available to Canadian financial institutions of all types and sizes. We strive to build long-lasting client relationships by delivering those services offering you the best return on your investment. We’re committed to discovering the right approach that meets your needs, giving you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

About Fintechs Canada

Established in May 2019 as a not-for-profit member association and recently renamed to Fintechs Canada, the association serves as the collective voice for fintechs in Canada. Our membership includes market-leading Canadian fintechs, fintech-friendly financial institutions, the technology companies powering Canada’s credit union sector, and global fintech companies, among others.

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