A unified voice for Canadian Fintech

We are opening markets for financial technology companies in Canada.

Leveling the playing field

Together, we enable greater choice for Canadians through a thriving fintech sector.

Our Goals

Competition and innovation

Fintech companies shouldn’t face barriers to entry when they’re improving the economic well being of Canadians.

Stability and security

Canada shouldn’t have financial sector laws and infrastructure that put Canadian consumers and businesses at risk.

Access to capital, talent, and markets

Canada should be a world leader in fintech by supporting the growth of the sector.

Member benefits

Challenge roadblocks facing fintech firms and drive change that will help you serve your customers and grow your business.

Amplify your voice

Stay informed

Drive change

Navigate complexity

What our members have to say

“EQ Bank is excited to be joining Fintechs Canada. In coming together with other Canadian banks, fintechs and paytechs through this organization, we can collectively advocate for positive change in the payments ecosystem.”

Kartik Kamat,
Senior Director of Digital Banking Strategy and Payments,
EQ Bank

“We’re pleased to join Fintechs Canada to support their important efforts to champion innovation and foster competition in the Canadian payments space.”

Alice Davidson,
Former Chief Legal Officer,
Carta Worldwide

“Looking globally, it is clear that other developed nations have progressed much faster and become much more sophisticated in their deployment and adoption of financial technologies,” said Pateno and Bitvo President and CEO Pamela Draper. “While companies like Pateno and Bitvo are significantly advancing the development of innovative financial technologies for Canadians, the country as a whole needs to catch up before it risks falling too far behind others with which we transact with most. We look forward to working alongside FinTechs Canada and other fintech leaders to ensure this happens.”

Pamela Draper,
President & CEO, Pateno,
and Bitvo President

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