A unified voice for Canadian Fintech

We are opening markets for financial technology companies in Canada.

Leveling the playing field

Together, we enable greater choice for Canadians through a thriving fintech sector.

Our Goals

Competition and innovation

Fintech companies shouldn’t face barriers to entry when they’re improving the economic well being of Canadians.

Stability and security

Canada shouldn’t have financial sector laws and infrastructure that put Canadian consumers and businesses at risk.

Access to capital, talent, and markets

Canada should be a world leader in fintech by supporting the growth of the sector.

Member benefits

Challenge roadblocks facing fintech firms and drive change that will help you serve your customers and grow your business.

Amplify your voice

Stay informed

Drive change

Navigate complexity

What our members have to say

“Fintechs Canada helps keep us informed and engaged on legislative and regulatory developments that might impact Wise and our customers.”

Nick Catino,
Head of Policy & Campaigns (Americas),

“Firefly Growth is pleased to become a member of Fintechs Canada. As an ecosystem we have to work together to ensure financial institutions and FinTechs gain what they need to thrive, and Fintechs Canada is the strong collective voice to make that happen.”

Sue Britton,
CEO and Founder,
Firefly Growth

“Zum Rails has joined the Fintechs Canada because we believe payments in Canada are at a crossroads, and we want a seat at the table to ensure the future of domestic payments stays focused and on track. We believe that there is limitless potential for Canadian Paytechs with even the slightest improvement on the existing payments rails, but it has remained relatively unchanged for decades.”

Marc Milewski,
Co-Founder and CEO,
Zum Rails

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